Saturday, May 27, 2006


Me- First Love

What is that feeling? There is a welling up and a buzzing with excited flashes.
The sensation is: at once child-like, mindless, and somehow, strangly cerebral.

A glance was shared in sixth grade.
A hand was held in seventh grade.
A cheeck was kissed in eighth grade.
A mouth was kissed in ninth.

Each time, the brain went for a whoop!
Each time, a feeling that I knew I could not define.

The chemistry of LOVE; both ionic and electric.
The heat, the friction, the glow. The cool down.

There was a time when the sensation was an identity of its own.
I must have fallen for me. Sick huh? In love with love?

How depraved and so very sad.

We love ourselves. Self-centric.
Invest in, care for, protect, kling to, clothe, puff and primp just for the preservation of self.

What a beautiful wreck.


Kim G. said...

You are my beautiful wreck. Without you, I would be Lost. Not the island kind of Lost, but the kind where I knew that I was incomplete and missing one of the true blessings of God.

So glad I'm the last one you'll be kissing! ;)

Left-handed Trees... said...

"The chemistry of LOVE; both ionic and electric." That line leapt out at me--beautiful

boliyou said...

Great poem. And Kim, a beautiful devotion.

ian russell said...

great poem. quite punchy, sort of lyrical. would make a good song i think.